Tips For Planning Family Get-Togethers

Family get-togethers are a time honored tradition where the whole family comes together for a festival or a wedding. In this day and age, where children go off to universities to study, brothers and sisters shift to find better work opportunities, it becomes very difficult to stay in touch and keep tab on each other. Family get-togethers help keep your family close and gives you the opportunity to catch up on the goings on in the lives of the rest of your family. It also helps strengthen family ties and adds fun to the festival.


When you have parts of your family located in various parts of the country, it becomes a tad difficult to get the, all together. A little effort is required on the part of everybody to help make the getting together possible. How you can make it easy on them is by choosing a location which is neutrally located and is equidistant from all the places that your family is situated. It may be difficult for them to make a trip all the way to your house, but if you choose to have the gathering at a convenient location, it gives them incentive to work toward making the gathering happen.


Get the burden off your shoulders. You have taken the initiative, now it is time for the rest of the clan to help out. Delegate tasks to various member of the family and put them in charge of a certain aspect of the gathering, like arranging for table lamps for the dinner tables. Or bringing all of them to the gathering, arranging car pool or drop off.

Create a budget

If your family is big, you might need to think how much you are willing to spend on the gathering. There is food that will have to be arranged, games or entertainment factor has to be thought about. You will also have to get chairs and tables for rent if you don’t already have enough seating at your chosen location.

Get them all involved

Unlike a party where everyone is generally of the same age, family gathering have people from all age groups. This way it gets a little tricky to manage the entertainment for them all. If you have older people and young kids then make sure you have entertainment planned to keep both of them engaged.

Start with a bang

It has been a long while for your family to meet each other. People might get a little uncomfortable when kids have grown up and aunts and uncles have forgotten a few of them. It is a good idea to start off the whole gathering with a bang and get the energy levels of all the people high. This way, the ice would have been broken and all the people will start to have fun and interact better.

Family gatherings are those events that all of us have gone through. They are fun and trying at the same time. Plan a detailed one where everything is taken care of and you should be an ace at planning family gatherings.