Tips On Storing The Right Way In Your Cooking And Cleaning Space

Storage options are a must to have when it comes to kitchens. Having the right amount of storage can help your cooking environment feel less cluttered and even make it appear neat and tidy. But as important as it is to have the appropriate amount of storage options, it’s as vital to know how to store the right way in them. Knowing the right ways can not only reduce the chaos that involves cooking, it can also help you get your cooking down in a less tiring and frustrating way. Here are a few of our tips and recommendations regarding storing in kitchens.

Diving up the place

It’s important that you divide the kitchen up according to its work when organizing the storage. For example, most kitchen designers in Dubai separate the “cooking area” from the rest of the spaces. This is where the stove and the oven usually goes. Try to store the things necessary for this area (like fry pans, spatulas and even hot pot holders) around here. Likewise, you will store all the things necessary for the “cutting and prepping area” around it. It’s also a good idea to have the dry ingredients and wet ingredients in separate areas.

Transparent is always better

Whether it is your kitchen cabinets or the containers you use for storage, if you can see through it; it’s always better. If you have a small kitchen, using open shelves and cabinets with glass doors can help you make your kitchen appear larger and also feel less cramped. It’s an additional benefit that you can locate your things easier this way; and since it’s all “in the open”, you’ll keep it clutter free. Having transparent containers simplifies work for you too.

Don’t be afraid to label

Normally, we’d say no to labels. But in the case of organizing the kitchen and using its storage smartly, labels can save you a lot of time. Be it that it’s for spices or for oils, it’ll save you the time you spend screwing them open to have a sniff or a taste. It’s also a good idea to print the expiry dates and the “best before” dates too on the label—especially in the case of long lasting spices.

Lugging things around; the smart way

It’s inevitable that you’ll be moving things around the kitchens space while you work. Even if you store your ingredients in the correct places, you’ll find yourself lugging oils and sauces around the kitchen—even as your pan screams with heat. Rather than having to juggle a variety of bottles around, consider storing them in a basket. This way, while you cook, you can simply move the basket closer to the cooking area, and store it back in its rightful place once you’re done; without spills or stains.